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Tony Prevatt Started the New Year Off right!

Went West of Egmont New Years Day to 85′ for the grouper opener. We got a 5 man limit by 11 am and a good King as well. Bait of choice was octopus and a threadfin on a flatline for the King....

How to tie a loop knot for DOA Shrimp

  How to tie a loop knot for DOA shrimp. Learn how to tie a knot that works for the type of fishing and type of bait you are using.

Alan Hawk Reel Care

The Master-Baiters’ guide to Reel Care Of course the title of this blog entry doesn’t mean that it’s only for those who use bait. It’s for everyone who uses spinning reels,...

How to tie the “Canoeman Knot” for fishing with artificials

How to tie the “Canoeman Knot” for fishing with artificials  

Passion for the Sport

Fishing has always been an art form and for some it has been a way of life. Now it is an emerging passion amongst many that have the opportunity to enjoy nature. Fishing does require a great deal of...

Mangrove Snapper fishing in Tampa Bay

  Tampa bay fishing report Catching Mangrove Snapper in Tampa Bay.  Having a great time with Capt. Rafael Rios.

How to catch Tampa Bay Redfish during winter time low tides

  Fishing the south shore of Tampa Bay catching redfish during winter time low tides!

Below the Surface, Underwater footage in the Gulf of Mexico

  Ever wonder what is beneath you while you are fishing? This video shows 5 different locations and the change in vegetation and species. Fishing off the coast of Florida. St. Pete Beach Reefs...

Talking Tackle with Capt Glen Taylor

  Tampa Bay Fishing Report Talking Tackle with Capt Glen Taylor. Learn what Captain Glen Taylor uses to catch fish off of St. Pete Beach Gulf Coast of Florida. Fishing the waters of The Gulf of...