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Tampa Bay drum on a fly

Tampa bay drum on a fly with Captain Rios and Captain Glen Taylor Tampa Bay drum caught while Fly Fishing with Capt. Glen Taylor on the Spanishsardine.com Caught and released […]

Big Fish Tampa Bay

Big fish in Tampa Bay It’s about that time of year again when you see a ton of boats following big fish in Tampa Bay. The Big school of black […]

Tampa Bay Fishing Report 2-21-16

  Welcome to Tampa Bay Fishing report. Your go to place before you hit the water. The last 2 weeks in Tampa Bay started off with strong winds and a […]

Little 2 year old girl fishing tampa Bay Florida

  2 year old girl asked to go fishing in Tampa Bay. How can you say no? She didn’t catch anything but that didn’t matter. She was so happy to […]

Tampa Bay Fishing Report 2-12-16

Tampa Bay Fishing Report 2-12-16 Tampa Bay Fishing Report 2-12-16 report from Capt. Lee blick at O’Niell’s marina. Strong winds early in the week have made it near impossible to

Tampa Bay Fishing Report 1-27-16

Tampa Bay Fishing Reports first video report. If you would like to submit video, reports, Pictures, or Reviews just simply click the link on the bottom of the page. Inshore […]

Hubbard’s Nearshore Offshore Report 1-7-16

Near shore– The recent windy, rainy and rough conditions has hindered our start to the red grouper season but we finally got an all day trip out today to go […]

Tampa Bay Snook and Reds

Fishing the waters surrounding Tampa Bay. We target everything from snook, reds, trout, tarpon, cobia, snapper, grouper and much more with Todd Foucher

How to tie a loop knot for DOA Shrimp

  How to tie a loop knot for DOA shrimp. Learn how to tie a knot that works for the type of fishing and type of bait you are using.

Alan Hawk Reel Care

The Master-Baiters’ guide to Reel Care Of course the title of this blog entry doesn’t mean that it’s only for those who use bait. It’s for everyone who uses spinning