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Offshore fishing Huge Mangrove Snapper

Huge Mangrove Snapper 

Offshore reports show Huge Mangrove Snapper being caught in 40 to 65 feet of water.

Captain Glen Taylor with two huge Mangrove Snapper

Anglers returned to the marina after a foggy start with huge Mangrove Snapper. Our offshore report comes to us from Captain Glen Taylor and Adam McGehee. Both guys ran offshore and came back with their limit of Mangrove snapper and there were some very nice sized fish. They were both using live bait like shrimp sardines and cigar minnows. Our Florida fishing laws state that while fishing in federal waters (nearshore & offshore) we are allowed to keep 10 Mangrove snapper with minimum size of 12″ inches. While fishing in State waters (Inshore) we are allowed to keep 5 Mangrove Snapper with a minimum size of 8 inches.  Mangrove Snapper is a highly prized fish for eating because of its light and flaky flesh. It can be caught using a variety of baits. I Typically catch them using live or frozen shrimp. They also love minnows and occasionally they will go after an artificial lures or bait. Most Mangrove Snapper are caught on light to medium tackle, and typical catches range from eight to 14 inches long in shallow or in-shore waters, and up to 20 inches long in deeper waters.Mangrove Snapper can be found around structure like these popular county reefs. http://www.pinellascounty.org/reef/GPS.htm


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