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Opening Day American Red Snapper

American Red Snapper June 1st is the official opening day for American Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. Captain. Billy Nobles didn’t waste any time finding the reds. He […]

Offshore American Reds and Yellowtail

Happy New year

Happy New Year Happy New year!  2016 was a good year for Tampa Bay Fishing Reports. I am so thankful for all of you amazing anglers who have shared pictures, videos, […]

Skyway Fishing Pier Report

Skyway Fishing Pier report from Jitterbug Skyway Fishing Pier is the perfect place to go with the windy weather we have been having. It might be a little difficult to […]

Fall time fishing in full effect

Fall Fishing Fall fishing is in full effect in the Tampa Bay area. Offshore fishing reports coming to us from Capt. Glen Taylor, Capt. Kevin Wissing, Capt. Ryan Harrington, Nick […]

Fish On

Fish On  By: Maleek Moreno Hello, my name is Maleek Moreno and I am attending the E.G. Simmons Parks. Every day of the camp we had a guest speaker who talks […]

Keeper Grunts

4th report from a member of the Guy Harvey Saltwater Fishing Camp Keeper Grunts by: Ryan Katz Today was a great day fishing for Key West Grunt (Gray Snapper). We went […]

First grouper

3rd Report from a camp member at the Guy Harvey Saltwater fishing camp First grouper by: Nico Johnson My fishing report is about the day I caught an 18 inch […]

Try this or try that

 Our 2nd Report from a camp member at the Guy Harvey Saltwater fishing camp Try this try that by:Zackary McCullough Hello, my name is Zackary McCullough and I am attending […]

Waiting Paid Off

Waiting Paid Off It was Wednesday mid morning tide was starting to come in by this time, I only had about half of my last shrimp left on my jay […]
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