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Fall’s Top 5 Fishing Hot Spots

No matter what part of the country you’re in, when the weather cools down, the bite heats up.

Autumn brings a medley of changes across the country—technicolored leaves in the northeast, cooler weather and more gray-haired residents in Florida, the end of noontime nighttime in Alaska—but coast to coast, one change is universal. Fishing goes into overdrive. Fall means fish are on the hunt, fattening up and getting ready for winter. From East Coast to Gulf Coast to West Coast, everything is alive and in a feeding frenzy. Here’s the Complete Angler take on five of the hottest fishing grounds you don’t want to miss.

Northeast – Montauk Stripers

Defined by its bumpy, glacial boulder coastline, swirling rip currents and plentiful baitfish schools, striper anglers clamor to “The End” of Montauk, NY, to experience the best of striped bass fishing. Montauk holds the distinction of being the historical epicenter of the “fall run” of striped bass. It’s a must-do destination for any serious striper fisherman to visit at least once in their career. It’s also a surfcaster’s paradise at spots like Turtle Cove and North Bar, where anglers clip on corker boots to hop from rock to rock to reach out further with their casts, working three- to five-ounce wooden poppers across the surface.


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