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First grouper

3rd Report from a camp member at the Guy Harvey Saltwater fishing camp

First grouper by: Nico Johnsonfirst grouper nico johnson

My fishing report is about the day I caught an 18 inch grouper. My camp and I went deep sea fishing at the Hubbard’s Marina,the captain took us very far of shore where their wasn’t any sign of land. When the boat stopped the captain told every one on board to drop their lines. The setup that we were using was a swivel on top, lead on bottom, and then 2-4 small 1-2foot drop leaders with 10-14ot hooks with 125lb fluorocarbon line. When I hooked my squid piece and dropped my line I started catching lots of tiny squirrel fish so, I threw my line farther out and got a huge bite when I tried to reel my line in I thought I was stuck on a rock till I reel harder and relize it was a fish, I was struggling trying to reel the fish in because it was fighting back so I cranked the reel as hard as I can till I got the fish to the boats edge.when the crew member came to check the fish he said it was a 18in grouper and it wasn’t a keeper size, when I heard that i was pretty disappointed because I really thought I was going to have a amazing dinner that night,but still happy since that was the first grouper I ever caught and it was a pretty good size .


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