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Tampa Bay drum on a fly

Tampa bay drum on a fly with Captain Rios and Captain Glen Taylor

Tampa Bay drum caught while Fly Fishing with Capt. Glen Taylor on the Spanishsardine.com Caught and released a 50lb Black Drum aboard the spanish sardine fishing charter With Capt. Rafael Rios. The color of the black drum depends on the habitat. In this case the drum were migrating into the bay looking for bait. The drum caught in bay area bridges are usually darker grey and silver.  The black drum can be mistaken for a Redfish so be sure to look for a spot. If you don’t see one chances are its a drum. Even thought they look like a fish you would want to eat, the larger drum tend to have a lot of growth and worms. Big drum put up a great fight wether they are caught on a fly or spinning rod and reel.

Here is a picture of an inshore black drum caught at the bridge.Tampa bay drum inshore spanish sardine


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